Zöldveltelini – Szőke Mátyás & Zoltán 13%


Product Description



Region : One of the larger wine regions in Hungary located south of the Mátra mountains. The total growing area is 32497 hectares. Only 6070 hectares are planted with vines today. The region’s climate is a tempered continental one. The Mátra mountains protects the vineyards on the slopes from northerly winds.

The region’s decisive geological formations are volcanic rocks such as pyroxenic andesite and tuffs of andesite and rhyolite, covered by alluvial gravel and diverse clay.

This soil typically yields crisp and aromatic wines with high alcohol content that can be quite full-bodied in the best years.

Mátraalja is the only region with Tokaj in Hungay where the noble mold called cladosporium cellare thrives in the cellars.

AOP : Mátra

Grape Variety : Zöld Veltelini (Grüner Veltliner)

Domain : Szőke Mátyás & Zoltán (25 ha)

Type of Soil : Volcanic tuff

Density of Planting : n/a

Age of Vines : n/a

Yield : n/a

Features : Contains sulfites. Sugar: 0,9 g/l.

Sugar-free extract: 22,9 g/l. Alcohol: 13 %. Acidity: 4,3 g/l.

Cultural method : The yield is limitated in order to ensure the best concentration.

Winemaking : n/a

The Colour : Greenish-white color.

The Smell : Spicy notes, white pepper.

The Taste : It is a juicy, vivid acidic wine with a great minerality. It bears the unique white pepper-citrus character of the variety nicely.

Serving Suggestions :

Perfect with fish and seafood, sauces with citrus or herbs. Goes very well with vegetables, artichoke and root vegetables.

To be served at 12 to 14°C.