Reisling Clos Philippe Grass – Robert Muhlberger 12%


Product Description

Region : Alsace, Bas-Rhin, Woxlheim village. At the foot of the Horn rock, the Altenberg is at the heart of the Wolxheim vineyard: 31,20 hectares of vinyards remarkably exposed. They benefit from an ideal dry microclimate, at an altitude of 200 to 250 m.

Vin de garde and gastronomy par excellence, with a tasty and generous character. Over the years, the Altenberg of Wolxheim develop a powerful and harmonious body and fine aromas due to the marnocalcareous soils.

AOP : Alsace

Grape Variety : Riesling

Domain : Domaine Muhlberger

Type of Soil : calcareous-clay

Density of Planting :

Age of Vines :

Yield :

Features : 12 % alcohol, contains sulfites.

Cultural method : Permanent growth of grass between the rows of vines. No chemical or residual herbicides. Biological pest control, reasoned copper and sulfur-based interventions against diseases. Reinforcement of own defenses of the vine. Addition of natural trace elements on foliage.

Winemaking : Manual harvesting to pick up a selected harvest, whole grapes, uncrushed and properly sorted.

The wines is made respecting its own rhythm and evolution, with wisdom and patience. Fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts.

The Colour : Pale yellow.

The Smell : The nose is quite pure and mineral on the flint stone.

The Taste : Fine, complex, nose of fresh berries, lemon and hints of yellow fruits, very well balanced.

Serving Suggestions : Grilled fish, Monkfish, Sole, Trout, Salmon. Fish terrines, crustaceans and shells.

Served between 8-9°C.