Sík Hegy – Pók Tamás 13,5%


Product Description


“Sík Hegy”

Region : Eger is characterized by a late spring, a rather short growing season and an annual median temperature of 10,1°C.

This has to do with the northern location and a higher elevation above sea level. The Bükk Range shelters the vineyards on the slopes from northerly winds.

The total growing area is 22162 ha but vines are cultivated only on 4395 ha.

Rhyolite tuff is really suitable for carving and hides 99% of the cellars. Noble mold called cladosporium cellare thrives in the cellars.

Viticulture in the area was already an economic factor around 1010 A.D.. Waloon settlers arriving later in the 11th century gave further impetus to local viticulture and brought with them French traditions especially the use of wooden barrels.

Eger’s wines have a distinctively elegant acid spine.


Grape Variety : Leányka

Domain : Pok Tamás (4,5 ha)

Type of Soil : Brown forest soil on limestone bedrock, tuf.

Density of Planting : 3300 vines/ha

Age of Vines : 35 years old

Yield : 3 tons/ha

Features : Contains sulfites. Sugar: 2 g/l. Sugar-free extract: 23 g/l. Alcohol: 13,5 %. Acidity: 4,6 g/l.

Cultural method : umbrella trainin system (trunk height: 1,2 m) with cane pruning (1 cane (8-12 buds)/plant)

Winemaking : Grape clusters start a carbonic maceration. The marc is pressed by hands. Fermented on skins and then matured for 11 months, in old Hungarian oak barrels. Bottled without filtration.

The Colour : Bright straw

The Smell : Really fruity wine, white peach, green apple and some vanilla from the barrel.

The Taste : Apple, crispy peach, anise and barrel cream. Nice acidity, softened slightly with salty notes. Delicious green spices and minerality in the after taste.

Nice balance and authentic personality.

Serving Suggestions : The nice acidity of this wine will go well with rich dishes. Try it with a trout or other finer fish.

Served between 12 and 14°C