Le Savetier – Château la Varière 11%


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Region : The Coteaux of Layon is the most extensive vineyard of Anjou. Its climate is slightly damp. The Layon is a small river tributary of the Loire. All along the banks of the Layon, the vines grow on well-exposed slopes. The microclimate offers warm autumns accompanied by morning mists, ideal conditions for the development of noble rot ”Botrytis cinerea”. This sweet white wine is produced from the Chenin grape, also called Pineau de la Loire. Its annual production exceeds 52 000 hectoliters from an area of 1650 Ha.

AOP : Coteaux du Layon

Grape Variety : Chenin

Domain : Château la Varière (110 ha)

Type of Soil : Black schist

Density of Planting : 5000 vines/ha

Age of Vines : 25-30 years

Yield : 25 hl / ha

Features : 11% > 12% alcohol, 80 > 100 g/L of residual sugar. Contains SO2.

Cultural method : The spaces in between the rows of vines are covered with grass. Use of treatements is well-planned and reduced to a minimum with the aim of preserving the quality of the grapes. Manual selection of the grapes with botrytis.

Winemaking : Traditional. Slow fermentation at low temperature.

The Colour : Beautiful golden yellow.

The Smell : White flowers (acacia, linden), honey and caramel.

The Taste : Nice impression of white fruit (bush peach) and a persistence of melted tannins and honey.

Serving Suggestions : Goes with parsleyed cheese, cooked or fresh fois gras, chocolate cake and fruit pie. Serve at 10-12 °C.

Aging Capacity : Its aging potential is several decades or a century for the finest vintages.


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