Gamay – La Table Rouge 12%


Product Description



Region : The Domaine is located in Noizay, a small village overlooked, to the north, by the hillsides reserved for the vineyard of the famous white wine of the Vouvray appellation. From West to East, nestled in the shelter of the rock, can be found the cave houses called “Troglodytes”. To the south, the cereal and vegetable plain, is crossed by the superb little river Cisse and bordered by the Loire, a magnificent natural river. The altitude is between 48 and 114 meters high. The average number of hours of sunshine is around 1801 hours per year.

Noizay is allow to produce wine under the AOC Vouvray, Touraine and Val de Loire but the owners, Claude and Philippe do not want any label. Their wines are produced as Vin de France“.

AOP : Vin de France

Grape Variety : 100% Gamay

Domain : La Table Rouge (80 ares)

Type of Soil : Les Bruyères du Haut Coulommiers, 16 ares of very sticky clay.

Density of Planting : n/a

Age of Vines : n/a

Yield : n/a

Features : alcohol 12%, contains sulfites.

Cultural method : La Table Rouge does not have any label but the vineyard is taken care of without any pesticides or herbicides. The restoration of the natural habitats of the predators are promoted to get ride of pests. The tillage is done by horse. Everything is calculated to promote biodiversity and balance between the vinestocks and the other plants in the vineyard. Disbudding, trimming, thinning of the leaves, harvesting are done by hand.

Winemaking : The Beaujolaise technique is used for the extraction, which produces a denser and juicier wine than usual in the region. After a very short carbonic maceration, a few pumping over are done, followed by punching of the cap. In total, maceration and fermentation last about a month.

The Colour : Dark ruby with hints of purple.

The Smell : Aromas on the leather and candied black cherry.

The Taste : Sappy and deep. It’s not a typical gamay de Touraine.

Serving Suggestions :

Goes well with red and white meat and soft cheese.

Serve at 14-15 °C.